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For Canadian Artists


The call for submissions is now closed. Thanks to all who submitted!


For Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 2017, Ami Barak intends to explore the concept of photographic evidence in all its guises. Although the camera sees better than the eye, it is the artist who, in the final analysis, imposes on the image of the world his or her own point of view, intuition, and even disenchantment. Ami Barak would therefore like for the works presented in this event, be they still or moving, to:

  • Explore realities that contest the reliability of the photographic image
  • Question the status of the photograph as witness to the real and examine the fantastical and sublimated character of reality
  • Expand the question of the veracity of the image to horizons wider than documentary traces and recordings of the real
  • Invite viewers to take a critical stance toward the testimonial value of camera images

Submission Guidelines

Type of work being sought

We are looking for works by Canadian artists that reflect the patent ambiguity of the photographic medium when, through its (still or moving) images, it aspires to be a privileged witness to the real.
We are therefore interested in projects that, far from favouring a single image or aesthetic, use the camera as a means, an instrument, that makes it possible to highlight ideas such that each project follows its own course of development. We are looking not for captured images but for photographs that have been worked in ways that transcend the unique moment.
We are interested in images that are the outcome of a process, of an imaginative reworking. We would like them to contain calculated elements that, even if they do not result in anything definitive, nonetheless lend credibility to a thesis.

We are soliciting only artists’ works that respond to the theme What Does the Image Refer to? We are not seeking curatorial proposals. This call for submissions is addressed only to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The selection of foreign artists will be by invitation only.

Submission instructions

Submissions must sent by email only (in English or French) to:
soumission2017@moisdelaphoto.com, by no later than May 13, 2016.

Submissions should include the following:

  1. A short cover letter explaining how the submission relates to the theme (250 words maximum) in Word or PDF format.
  1. Visual supporting material, which may include:
    – a maximum of 10 images (maximum 500 kb per image) in JPG (72 dpi, RGB colour mode) or PDF format. Images must be clearly identified and accompanied by a descriptive image spec sheet (title, date, medium, and dimensions);
    – a link to your web page or other website featuring your work (if available). Do not send videos by email; instead, please provide a link so the curator can view your video(s) online.
  1. A short CV for each participant (3 pages maximum) in Word or PDF format.
  1. Your contact information (first and last name, mailing address, telephone, email address, website, country of birth, and country of residence). Artists submitting as a collective are asked to identify one participant as the project coordinator, and provide that person’s contact information.

Download the Call for Submissions (PDF) here >>>

Please note

All submissions in compliance with the instructions described herein and received by the deadline will be carefully reviewed by the guest curator, who will make his selection based on his personal vision of the theme. Since we anticipate receiving many submissions, MPM will not be able to respond personally to each proposal. If necessary, MPM will contact you directly for any additional information or documents, or to arrange a studio visit.

All submissions must be sent by email only: any other unsolicited material sent to our offices will be neither viewed nor returned. MPM and Ami Barak are not responsible for unreadable, undelivered, or lost materials. Late submissions, incomplete proposals, and work unrelated to the theme will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact:
soumission2017@moisdelaphoto.com | T: 1 514 390-0383