Ceci est une version d'archive [2015] // this is an archival version [2015]

Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Joyce Yahouda Gallery is dedicated to presenting multidisciplinary and contemporary art. For over 30 years, Joyce Yahouda, gallery owner and curator, has been promoting the works of emerging artists as well as established ones. Joyce Yahouda Gallery is renowned as a space for artistic convergence that enables a dialogue between artists, curators, collectors and art critics. Numerous events such as round tables and conferences are organized each year. On a national and international level, Joyce Yahouda Gallery participates in exchanges with various galleries and organizations within Canada and abroad. The Gallery also takes part in Canadian and international art fairs.

372 Sainte Catherine Street West, suite 516
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A2

Thursday to Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm

Free admission



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