Jacqueline Salmon

(France )

Jacqueline Salmon

Images from the installation Quelles sont nos erreurs ?
Courtesy of Galerie Michèle Chomette, Paris. © Jacqueline Salmon

The history of the 20th century as told by television: this, in essence, is the story at the base of the photographic installation “Quelles sont nos erreurs?” (“What Are Our Mistakes?”). In it, more than 250 images on translucent polyester are suspended like so many reproaches and promises addressed to the people of today. Rarely has photography set out the century’s images with such lucidity.

Jacqueline Salmon
Born in Lyon, France, in 1943. Lives and works in Paris and in the Beaujolais countryside.

Jacqueline Salmon studied visual art and architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts Décoratifs and at the École Nationale Supérieur des Arts Appliqués, both in Paris, in addition to studying history and literature at the Sorbonne. Since 1981, she has been working in photography, creating a body of work devoted mainly to the relationships that exist among philosophy, art history and architecture. Salmon has exhibited her work on numerous occasions in France and abroad, and published a number of monographs. In 1993, she was awarded the Villa Medicis Extra Muros Prize. In 1994, she was artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada. She is represented by the Galerie Michèle Chomette in Paris.

Place Ville Marie
1, Place Ville Marie, Montreal (entry on rue Université)
(514) 866-6666
Exhibition hours: everyday from 12pm tp 6pm
From August 26 to September 21, 2003
Oepning: September 6 at 1pm

© Jacqueline Salmon, Quelles sont nos erreurs ?, view of the installation at the Forum de Bonlieu, Annecy, France, 1997, 30 m x 9 m. Courtesy of Galerie Michèle Chomette, Paris.