Laura Millard

(Ontario, Canada )

Laura Millard

Oil and Water are miraculously combined in the photographic landscapes of Michael Flomen, Evan Lee, and Laura Millard. An impressive range of artistic processes are brought to bear on natural phenomena.

Laura Millard launched her photographic investigation of snow and ice as a way of informing her painting, but the beauty and complexity of the images held her attention. Natural formations, such as frozen currents and air bubbles, as well as the sharp, arbitrary lines made by skaters leave their traces on her photographic images. Millard reworks these photographic surfaces with oil paint, enriching them with colour and texture.

These imaginative processes sparked by natural phenomena and expressed in fusions of media become sites of free association and self- discovery for the spectator.

Laura Millard’s current work combines large-format colour photography and paint to record the complex patterns of air bubbles and current found in frozen lake ice. Millard is interested in painterly and photographic responses to intricate phenomenon in the natural world, overlaying gestural traces indexed in the photograph and the painted mark. She is an associate professor and chair of the Drawing and Painting Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, and her work has been exhibited in artist-run, commercial, and public galleries. She is represented by the Michael Gibson Gallery in London, Ontario, and the Jeffrey Coploff Gallery in New York.

Le Bain Mathieu
2915 Ontario St. East
(514) 523-3265
Oil and Water: Michael Flomen, Evan Lee, and Laura Millard
September 8, 2005 – October 7, 2005
Wednesday to Friday 12:00-5:00pm
Opening Thursday September 8, 2005 from 8:30pm, the artists will be present