Marc Audette

(Ontario, Canada )

Marc Audette

In Intervals, Marc Audette and Barbara Steinman draw us into the creation of their vivid and enthralling multi-media installations.

Marc Audette premieres Cran, a two-sided DVD projection on a screen. On sight, the screen is neutral; the spectator must enter the space and break one of the projector’s beams for the screen to come to life. The spectator’s shadow creates a solarized, positive image, reminiscent of early photographic experiments. Audette underscores the ongoing importance of human interaction in the creation of an image.

In the works of Audette and Steinman, intervals created by technological means are filled by the imaginative participation of the spectator.

Marc Audette has been interested in digital image creation since the mid-1980s. He studied fine art at the University of Quebec in Hull and earned a Master’s in visual arts from York University in 1998. He lives and teaches in Toronto. With an impressive list of exhibitions in Canada and France, Audette also participated in the first US art fair devoted exclusively to digital and visual art. An active member of Le Laboratoire, a production space dedicated to multimedia and digital art research, Audette is also president and founding member of L’AGAVF, Groupe en Arts Visuels Francophone du Canada.

Pierre François Ouellette Art Contemporain
372 St. Catherine Street West, # 216
(514) 395-6032
Intervals: Marc Audette and Barbara Steinman
August 27, 2005 – October 8, 2005
Tuesday to Saturday 12:00-5:30pm
Opening Saturday September 10, 2005 at 3:30pm, the artists will be present