Massimo Guerrera

(Québec, Canada)

Massimo Guerrera

Introspections photosensibles

For 20 years, first with his Usine métabolique [Metabolic Factory] (1993–1994) and his fictive company Polyco (1995–1999), then with his domestic projects Porus (1998–) and Darboral (2000–), and most recently with La réunion des pratiques [The Reunion of the Practices] (2007–), Massimo Guerrera has created platforms of cooperation to which he invites people, both acquaintances and strangers. These platforms generate production of artworks, but they also provide an opportunity for Guerrera and the participants to explore personal limits, change relationships, and increase their awareness of mutually acquired borrowings. Very early, photography became his favourite means of recording these introspections in action; the exhibition Introspections photosensibles [Photosensitive Introspections] offers the first grouping of his luminous prints, presenting them as vehicles for making private experiences reproducible.
Born in 1967 in Rome, Massimo Guerrera lives and works in Montreal. He creates platforms for collaboration that generate sculptures, drawings, actions, photographs, texts, music, and human relations. His works have been shown throughout Canada and included in major group exhibitions, including the Montreal Biennale (2000), Hors d’œuvre (CAPC-Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, 2004), Caught in the Act (National Gallery of Canada, 2008), and the Liverpool Biennale (2010). Recipient of the Prix Ozias-Leduc (2001) and the Prix Louis-Comtois (2008), Guerrera is represented by the Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal and by the Clint Roenisch Gallery in Toronto.

5455 de Gaspé | local 114 | 514 288 4972
Sept 1 – Oct 8, 2011 | Tuesday to Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm
Opening – Thursday Sept 10, 2011 at 6 pm