Max Dean

(Ontario, Canada)

Max Dean

The destructive nature of technological innovation makes previous forms of technology obsolete and changes existing social relationships; this is the kernel of Max Dean’s As Yet Untitled (1992–95). A pivoting robotic arm selects and presents the viewer with a family photograph. The viewer can decide to press on the hand-shaped panels in front of the robot, so that the print is saved and placed in an archival box; or do nothing, which causes the print to be shredded, its remains falling onto a conveyor belt to join other destroyed images. The arm then returns to the pile of photographs and repeats the process. The photographic print becomes a disposable item on the quest for a better tomorrow.


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Born in 1949 in Leeds, U.K., Max Dean lives and works in Toronto. For over 35 years, his works have been in solo and group exhibitions around the world, including the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) (2012); the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris (2004); the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) in Ottawa (2002); ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany (2002); BOZAR, Centre for Fine Art in Brussels (2000); and the Venice Biennale (1999, 2001). His works are in public collections, including the NGC, the AGO, the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. He is the recipient of a project grant from the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts, the Gershorn Isowitz Award, and the Chalmers Award. Dean is represented by Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Toronto.

2 Sainte-Catherine Street East | suite 401 | 514.390.0382
Sept. 7 – Oct. 19. 2013 | Tuesday to Friday 12 pm to 7 pm, Saturday 11 am to 5 pm
Opening Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013 at 5 pm (meet the artist)

Max Dean, As Yet Untitled, 1992–95. Installation view, 1997. Courtesy of the artist and the Art Gallery of Ontario